Monday, March 20, 2006

Brees is gone and ....

I haven't written in the Blog for awhile because the Drew Brees debacle had me full of mixed emotions and feeling like it was Groundhog Day all over again with the Chargers.

Drew is gone now and Philip Rivers is the annointed Quarterback of the San Diego Chargers. It will take awhile to let the feelings of disappointment subside and then I am sure I will suck it up and pull for my beloved Chargers once again.

You know, that is the problem. I love the Chargers but what that really means is that I love the "team" -- the "players." It surely doesn't mean I have any love or respect for the Chargers organization or the "administration."

After the recent CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) shake-down, it became so apparent that the owners and their administrative staffs really do NOT care about the fans in the seats. The way the NFL is set up as a business, common fans, like you and me, mean nothing to them. The luxury boxes, "Gold Clubs", and corporate sponsorships, plus stadium naming rights, TV revenue, and revenue sharing ensures the owners will make tons of money. If the team goes 0-16 and not one person buys a "regular" ticket to go to the game, they will still make millions of dollars.

When a team owner says they are "losing money," its simply that they are not making as much as some of the other owners. No owner "loses" money.

Since I now live in the Dallas, Texas area, I am enundated with Cowboys news. The Cowboys are THE sports news on a daily basis; there is no "off-season" here. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, is a snake oil salesman. He makes money marketing EVERYTHING he can think of to sell to someone. He recently said the Cowboys wanted a new 650 million stadium and he had cities all over North Texas competing with one another to build one for him.

The city of Arlington won out and will pay half of the price of the new stadium. Jerry won't pay the other half -- his "sponsors" will. He will just sell more "official Cowboys whatever" licenses to corporations and their additional revenue will pay his half.

Sorry -- I did get off track. My point is that Drew Brees leaving San Diego and Philip Rivers being the new Quarterback is NOT about who is the best. Its not about "damaged goods." Its not about "what's best for the team." Its sure as hell not about what the fans want!!!

Its about an owner who doesn't have a clue about how to manage a football team and yet another General Manager who wants to flex his power and doesn't care what anyone thinks about his moves, including his Head Coach.

Spanos has been there before. Remember Bobby Bethard and remember Bobby Ross and remember going to Super Bowl for the first time and then blowing up the team and then blowing out the coach and then drafting Ryan Leaf, and then ....... REMEMBER???

My 45 years as a San Diego Chargers fan has taught me one thing for sure. Don't get too attached to ANY player, and don't get your hopes too high on the team's chances at success.

I will pull for Philip Rivers to be our savior and lead us to the promised land as I always have. I will put faith in A.J. Smith's personnel calls and I will blindly believe in Schottenheimer's stubborness and "Marty ball." I will continue to promote the Chargers on my web site every day. I will continue to purchase Chargers memorabilia and sport my Chargers gear every where I go. I will continue to bleed Blue and Gold.

Drew Brees will get his team to the Super Bowl before the Chargers even sniff it.