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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

Well I am sorry (and sad) to say, I did not renew my Chargers season tickets for the 2011 season. If the owner's and player's are not putting anything in the pot at this time, then I'm not either.

I endured the labor unrest of 1982 and the player's strike of 1987. I hated it but not a single player or owner asked me how I felt. Some player's crossed the picket lines and scab players were rounded up and the games were played. TV acted like the players on the field were the superstars from before the strike. I think it lasted a month or two and then back to football.

I don't remember any player or owner calling me to apologize for the money I spent on the Chargers with the inferior product on the field.

I sorta' got the feeling that the "fans" are not really an important part of the game. And you know why? Because we love football, and we love our teams, and we love our favorite players and we are fans. And the NFL knows if we are fans, we will ALWAYS give them our money, we will always support them with our presence, and we will always forgive them no matter what.

Sounds like "fans" are "Christians," uh?!?!

The only thing I remember good coming out of the 1987 strike was a scab player named Blaze Winters who was a beast and I loved to watch him play. After the strike, the Chargers kept him on the 53 man roster. Wonder where he ever went?

So this year, no season tickets, Chargers' games frequently blacked out, and a bitter taste in my mouth for billionaires and millionaires. Sad state of affairs this NFL. Can't figure out how to divide up 9 BILLION dollars!?!? I just may have to watch a lot more College Football ....

Go TCU Horned Frogs.