Monday, August 28, 2006

Double standards for Rivers?

When Drew Brees went down in the final game of the season last year, Philip Rivers came in and turned the ball over TWICE. In last Saturday's pre-season game, he turned the ball over THREE TIMES.

Does anyone remember Marty yanking Brees out of games for turning the ball over? Does anyone remember Marty benching Drew for turning the ball over? Does anyone remember Marty in Drew's face after turn-overs? Does anyone remember Marty stating "You can't play for me if you turn the ball over."?

Hell yes you remember it!!!

Then why is Philip Rivers being given a pass? Is his ego so fragile that his Daddy, A.J. has told Marty not to yell at him? Since Marty fell in love with Rivers while coaching his College All Star game, is Rivers untouchable?

It appears so.

There is already the built-in excuse that Philip is a rookie and will make rookie mistakes.

What will all of this cost the San Diego Chargers football team? I think it forecasts another season of typical Chargers football organization "settling" for mediocrity yet another year. (Agree or disagree? Vote your position on the Poll.)

I'm not moaning about releasing Drew Brees -- I'm just talking about a double-standard being applied to Philip Rivers and whether it is good for Rivers and/or good for the San Diego Chargers; I think NOT!!!

Having retired in the Dallas, Texas area, I am bombarded with Cowboys stories day and night. I find it pretty funny that the local and national media is screaming that Bill Parcells has lost his power and control by letting Scumbag Owens get away with not practicing. And supposedly the owner, Jerry Jones, backs Owens. Now the talk is that Parcells will lose control of his team too.

Gee, that sounds just like the same scenario in San Diego!?!? Marty (for whatever reason), is letting Rivers get away with unacceptable "habits" and the Manager (A.J.) is backing his boy, Rivers.

This can't be good.

I am NOT anti-Rivers but I am also not so in love with him that I refuse to see the truth. He looks like a deer in the headlights to me. Anybody can make a few "great" pass completions, and I mean anybody. From what I have seen in the pre-season, he makes mistakes that he should not be making and his passing accuracy and game management is shaky at best.

You know what? I hope I am wrong. I hope I am wrong for the long run, because right now I am not wrong and we are two weeks from the real games.

Are we headed for ANOTHER year in the middle to bottom of the pack? A lot of that depends on Philip Rivers. What do you see?