Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Season, the Playoffs, and LT

The last time I wrote in this Blog was about this time last year. Its ironic but I was lamenting the loss to the Patriots at that time and lo and behold ....

One of my goals for this year is to write short blogs about timely events more frequently. I always start out with good intentions but quickly remember that I procrastinate too. I'll try the new goals and see how it works out.

The Season.

The season started on a losing note and I was quick to join the bandwagon of "The Sky is Falling." My frustration had be screaming at Dean Spanos, A.J. Smith, Norv Turner, and the San Diego City Council, among others.

I couldn't believe a 14-2 team could be starting off so poorly and my primary focus was on A.J. for letting his personal dislike for Marty cause disruption to the needed continuity of the team. I STILL believe A.J.'s number one downfall, if there ever is one, will be because he takes a personal dislike to players and staff and acts to get rid of these people regardless of the impact on the team or organization.

I just have a personal problem with individuals like that. People who use their position of power to wield their personal arrogance in spite of what's best for the team. People who don't care, and state flatly that they don't care, what the majority of others think or feel. They are "the deciders" and we are the idiots who don't know what we are talking about.

I am still talking about football and A.J. Smith, right?!?! When I reread that paragraph, it sounded like it could have applied to another arrogant leader who doesn't care what the majority feels? Anyway ....

As the season progressed, the boys began to get it together. I think Norv slowly began to establish his role and his style with the team and they began to respond. Throughout the first half of the season I still got upset when Philip Rivers insisted on throwing a couple of picks and giving up a fumble every game. But I hung in there with them and saw the wins beginning to come and dared to allow a glimmer of hope.

Towards the end of the season it was obvious the Chargers would win the AFC West because the rest of the West teams were horrible. Can you believe how far Denver has fallen? The Chiefs have always been tough but this year they really struggled. And the Raiders (ha, ha, ha) continued (ha, ha, ha) to have their (ha, ha, ha) troubles; the pathetic bunch of losers, ha!!!

And so what started out as a losing season, finished as another very good record of 11-5. I will now take this opportunity to eat crow and apologize to Mr. Smith. He was right when he said if the team gets in the playoffs every year, the fans won't even remember what happened during the season and will be singing his praises. "Tra la la la, all football praises to AJ the Smith. You da' man, tra la la la."

The Playoffs.

Our seeded rank for the season meant we had to play a wild card team, but at least it was at home. Could we -- did we dare believe -- would we -- is it possible to win a playoff game after 13 long years?


The problem with that was we now had to travel to Indy to take on the God Child Payton of the Clan Manning. He probably didn't even get the word the Bolts were coming because he was probably making another commercial.

So in to Indy they marched and a physical battle was fought. Players ran on to the field, and hobbled or were carried off the field. Injuries were plentiful but there would be no tomorrow if the Chargers lost so they gave it their all and ...


Chargers fans around the Globe were cheering and dancing and boasting and yelling, "Bring on the Cheaters. Revenge will be sweet."

So in to Foxsborough they limped and a gutsy battle was fought. Players hobbled on to the field and poured out their hearts, their guts, and their courage. But they were too beat up. They were too many players short. They were exhausted and they came up just a tad short ...


What a great playoffs run! As Maxwell Smart would say, "Missed it by this much." Wait 'til next year. The mantra of Chargers fans far and wide. We automatically begin to chant this refrain right after the season closes, "Wait 'til next year."

And we will. I'm already anxious for reports out of the Senior Bowl. I'm already reading all the 2008 Draft forums. I'm already checking to see who we might lose and who the Free Agents are out there. And I'm wondering who got on AJ's personal dislike list and is sure to be cut.

Ah, I can't wait 'til next year!!!

LaDainian Tomlinson - LT

Who would have ever guessed that this Chargers icon, this Chargers hero, this Chargers all-everything could close the season under attack from the media, other NFL players, and Chargers fans?

You didn't think it could possibly happen? Why not, that is how we closed the season last year, remember?

I am not going to share my feeling about LT's injury, his decision not to play in the Championship game, or his demeanor on the sideline during the game. Each of us has our own take on what was, what should have been, and what the consequences were or will be. You are entitled to your opinion and for you, it is valid. I respect your opinion.

The only thing I will offer is that the leaders and the stars will always have a camera on them. They will always have their critics and their jealous rivals and rival fans ready to criticize.

LT is a multi-million dollar man and the face of the San Diego Chargers, not to mention the NFL. he needs to get a good PR person who stands beside him at all times and guides him. I am not speaking bad of LT but I will tell you that perception in the world is reality and perception can be a killer.

Philip Rivers could use a good PR person too.

I'll be venting my feeling more frequently this year. Maybe that way I won't feel like I am going to explode when things don't go right with my beloved Chargers.


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