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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2008 - The Season of Mediocrity and Exhilaration

Change has come.

FINALLY - the citizens of this country did the right thing. They elected the right man for the Presidency and they elected the right political party to dig this country out of the worst mess in recent history.

For those who are sheep of the "other" party, I remind you, "change has come." PLEASE take a open and honest look at the past eight years and acknowledge the FACTS. You are then invited and welcome to support the new administration and provide a positive service to your country. You will feel pride and be a part of the solution. But remember, the days of "fear and smear" are over so stop the bashing and join the march to recovery.

God Bless President Barack Obama.

OK, now for some football.

Well here I am again a month after the season ended wondering what went right and what went wrong?!?!

A lot of wrong and little right .... BUT .... we play in the currently pathetic AFC West so lo-and-behold, an 8-8 team (The Chargers) were the Division Champions.

If you think the teams in the AFC West are potential winners just remember: Denver fired Mike Shanahan and the Chiefs fired Herm Edwards and the Faiders, well they are still coachless and hopeless, and I think the Chargers need a serious reevaluation of their talent level.

The fans were suffering through 4-8 after twelve games and the chants for "someones" head were starting. Then the Chargers got a second wind, or, got their heads on straight, or, got lucky, or, or .... Anyway they finished at 8-8 and by virtue of beating the Doncos, won the Division.

Then on to the playoffs and they won the wild card game but then lost to the "Stealers" in the Divison game and then home for the holidays.

Ahh, now things are back to normal. Wait a minute!!! "Wait 'til next year." Okay, now things are back to normal.

More will come shortly to talk about LT and his future with the Chargers and about A.J. Smith who still reminds me of the ex-President; "I'm the Decider." Come back to visit and offer your comments too. Talk soon ....

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