Monday, December 20, 2010

Another season of "wait'll next year"

It seems at this time every year I am numb and confused. Starting a season the way they did (2-5) and playing up and down just baffles me.

I don't understand how the rhetoric coming from the Chargers organization, from the Owner, to the GM, to the Coach, to the appointed PR players can be absolutely irrelevant to reality and we are just supposed to believe them and ignore the truth.

Every year we have a soap opera started by A.J. Smith and his super-ego. The man is so self-absorbed that he even lies to himself and believes his own lies. His ego costs the Chargers Pro-Bowl players every year and his Draft choices are NOT super-stars.

I have said many times that he blew into town on the back of John Butler and when John passed-away, he inherited the team, the money, and the POWER. He is in over his head and the only way he can survive is through being bull-headed and arrogant -- which the Spanos' can relate to, so ....

Dean Spanos and "the family" are just as self-absorbed but it is all about money. They deflect any "blame" for the Chargers' problems through hired mouth-pieces, acting as if they don't have anything to say about the running of "their" team. BULL!!!!

I don't know of many millionaires who turn their company over to a General Manager without having the right and the RESPONSIBILITY to yank his chain when he screws up the potential success of the company.

Coach Turner is a heck-of-a good man, but he is NOT a Head Coach anymore than Wade Philips was. They are cut from the same cloth. Norv was hired because he would be a Yes Man to A.J. and, maybe, win some playoff games. How's that workin' out for ya' A.J.?

Do you think I am frustrated? Yea I think so. I just moved back to San Diego from Texas and am once again a season ticket holder. I have sat in that stadium and watched the bungling stupidity of A.J. and Norv's "best team ever" and it is pathetic.

I know, and YOU know, they are moving this team to Los Angeles. They can't let the word get out because no one would go to the games anymore, but they ARE going.

Until the moving vans pull out of the Fortress, I will continue to give my season ticket money to the Spanos family and let A.J. continue to give me the finger.

I am a Chargers' fan, and fan is short for fanatic, and fanatic is just another word for idiot, so I guess it is no wonder I keep coming back for more.

GO CHARGERS. I BLEED BLUE AND GOLD. Wait'll next year ....