Thursday, February 03, 2011

Renew my season tickets?????

I am sitting here with only 15 days until I have to decide to renew my season tickets or not?!?! I am really torn ....

Die-hard fan since 1961. Season ticket holder for many years interrupted only by transfers out of area while in the Navy. Was season ticket holder for 6 years when Gold Club was first introduced. Moved to Texas and just returned this past season and bought season tickets again. Now I have to decide do I renew or let it go?!?!

A.J. Smith is killing this team and Dean Spanos isn't invested enough in winning to even care. Norv is a great Offensive Coordinator but is a management "yes man" and NOT a Head Coach. He lacks fire and a killer instinct.

The City of San Diego is run by total idiots who have all but bankrupted the city. There is no way the Chargers will ever get a new stadium in San Diego. LA will get a new stadium, and soon, and Spanos is just waiting for a smooth transition so he doesn't lose any money or have to deal with irate fans in the interim.

Three games blacked-out?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! No evidence of any activity in the organization as everything is put on hold for the CBA fiasco. "We will play in San Diego in the 2011 season," veiled threat to leave after that. Sacramento pulling all Redevelopment money from the city. No playoffs. Beat twice by THE RAIDERS???? A.J.'s arrogance removed two Pro Bowl starters from the roster when needed. Good Defensive Coordinator lost as he gets a Head Coaching job. And on and on and on ....

And you know what? The fans have no say in the matter, and the fans simply do not matter in the NFL - TV contracts matter.

Fifteen days until I have to renew my season tickets .... for the first time, I am feeling like I need to "let go." Ahhhhhhh the pain.