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Monday, February 27, 2006

Welcome to the SuperChargerTom Blog

Ok here is the latest addition to the web site. This is where I can ramble on about my Chargers and you can voice your feelings and opinions too.

I have been a fan of the San Diego Chargers since 1961. I am not a fan of the current ownership, the administration, or even the coach. Couple that with my contempt for the San Diego City Council and City Attorney Mike Aguire and you have the recipe for venom soup!

Here I will vent my frustrations, voice my opinions on team situations, and beg for success for the team as a whole. Most of all this is a place for YOU to have a voice for your emotions too. We may often disagree but we will agree to disagree because we both mean well for the Chargers.

This is not a "message board" and is not a pure "topic driven forum" either. It is simply to be a place where you can put in writing what you are feeling about anything to do with our San Diego Chargers and have it publised for the world to see.

This Blog will only serve our purpose if you help direct traffic here through word-of-mouth, through your posting on other message boards and forums, and by posting a link on your own web site.

Chargers fans need the world to hear them -- this is the place to do it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank you chargertom i too have been a charger fan since the sixtys.and it looks like we are about to start again at q-back.this GM we are stuck with thinks we can drop a pro bowl player and insert a rookie as team leader and never miss a beat.we will be very luckey to end this up coming season at 500.this team with brees and some o-line help is a super bowl quailty team with the two of them.well you know a frustrated fan am I. THANKS JEFF STAHL