Thursday, May 25, 2006

Summertime Blues

A horrendous 9-7 season has ended. The stunner of Drew Brees departure is easing. The Draft is over. Rookie Mini-Camp is over with a Veterans Mini-Camp coming up next month.

The City of San Diego decided they are willing to let one of only 32 NFL teams in the Nation leave town; after 45 years!!! Oceanside or Chula Vista/National City think they can compete with Las Vegas, LA, and San Antonio to get the Chargers. The County will try to come up with a proposal.

A.J. Smith still carries the title of Genius and Marty remains as stubborn as always.

Ryan Leaf's a Coach? And Doug Flutie retired.

Living on a Lake in Texas with the temperature hovering around 95 degrees and no real news or excitement coming out of the NFL right now, it's time for a break from the Chargers.

I have some of my children and their families coming to visit for awhile. One of our Grandsons will spend a month with us. Additionally we will be off to my High School Reunion and when the Summer begins to wind down (and Texas REALLY gets HOT), we will take a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

We will be home and "ready for some football" come September first. Season tickets for TCU football and NFL Sunday Ticket for the Chargers will bring us back to "normal."

I appreciate all of the Raider fans reacting to my last Blog about why I hate them. They continue to show their stupidity by thinking I would allow their ignorant rants to be published on the Blog!?!? A couple were actually from civil, intelligent, mature, and courteous Raider fans and their comments are posted.

In light of all of the above, I am giving myself permission to only update the web site as significant Chargers stories develop.

I will continue to monitor for transactions involving Chargers players and ex-Chargers, including Coaches, but unless something really important or really interesting comes up, the site will not be updated until Training Camp in August. This will be the first time in over 14 years of publication that I will be taking a couple of months absence from the web site. SEE EVERYONE IN AUGUST. GO CHARGERS!

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