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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Marty Ball rubs off on Cam

Watching today's (Sunday, Oct. 1st), loss to the Ravens was like watching four games from last year -- ahead in the Fourth Quarter and coming up with a loss.

I can't even count the times since Marty has been in San Diego that I have been screaming at my beloved Chargers for "sitting on a lead." Its wide open offense to get the lead but no matter how slim the lead, if its a lead, Marty shifts in to the mode of "just don't lose."

For some stupid reason, I thought this year would be different. It seemed Marty has truly turned the play calling over to Cam Cameron and Cam had shown some flashes of wanting to use all of the weapons at the Chargers disposal and open up the attack.

BUT ...... Either Marty is still approving or disapproving of the plays, or Cam has spent so much time listening to Marty's old school mantras that it has rubbed off on him.

To paraphrase the great Keshawn Johnson, "Just throw the damn ball."

People can say what they want about the players having to make the plays, but the Coaches have to call (or at least allow) plays to be called that allow you to be the attacking Offense. Ahead by 4 points is no time to shut down what has been working all day.

Look at the penalties. Look at the missed assignments. THOSE ARE COACHING PROBLEMS!!!

Marty continues to live off of his "winningest active coach" stats and takes a team that has the potential to be really, really good and makes them mediocre. The San Diego Chargers will never be feared by any team in the NFL, nor get any respect from the national media until they become a team that continues to attack on offense and wins the close games. Right now the media treats any San Diego Chargers game reporting as, "oh, by the way ...."

I must admit Rivers looks like he could develop into a good QB but everyone who loves him and has anointed him as the next Dan Foutz better understand he is a rookie. As a rookie he is going to make mistakes but COACHING has to teach him not to make the mistakes at critical times.

"Throw the damn ball. Receivers - catch the damn ball."

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