Monday, February 27, 2006

Drew Brees or not Drew Brees, that is the question?

It was supposed to be a great off-season. The Chargers would resign all of their free agents, pick up a couple of great additions from Free Agency, and draft an O Line right tackle starter and we would continue our improvement on the road to the Super Bowl.

Ooooops. Marty played Drew Brees in the last meaningless game of the season and with our current Offensive Line playing like a sieve, he got hurt and required surgery.

As he went in for surgery, A.J. said the Chargers wanted him through a long term contract -- Brees said he wanted a long term contract .... then ....

Now A.J. says Brees can go on the free market because the Chargers consider him damaged goods. They will move on with "his boy" Philip Rivers.

The truth is, I don't know if Drew Brees is a good/great NFL Quarterback? I don't know if he is average and should move on? I don't know if he could lead the team to a Super Bowl?

But what I DO know is that I am sick and tired of the San Diego Chargers being a mamby-pamby organization dedicated to constantly "starting over," particularly at Quarterback.

It was a long and painful haul between Dan Fouts and Stan Humphries. Stan's run was cut short by the "mamby-pamby" organization too. No Offensive Line players for two years got Stan a ton of concussions and forced him to retire.

I was at Stan's retirement "ceremony" at the Murf. HE gave the farewell speech; no Chargers management person said a word. He and his family were driven off the field in a car and a few minutes later, he and his family came walking back out of the tunnel and across the field to return to their seats. The car had just taken them outside the tunnel and dumped them off. How classless of the Chargers organization.

Sorry I got off track but I have seen so much ....

As for Drew Brees I am very angry at the entire situation that the Chargers have heaped upon yet another Chargers Quarterback. Yea, its business but the Chargers run a lousy business.

I gotta' cool off before I can write some more. What do you think about the Brees fiasco?

Welcome to the SuperChargerTom Blog

Ok here is the latest addition to the web site. This is where I can ramble on about my Chargers and you can voice your feelings and opinions too.

I have been a fan of the San Diego Chargers since 1961. I am not a fan of the current ownership, the administration, or even the coach. Couple that with my contempt for the San Diego City Council and City Attorney Mike Aguire and you have the recipe for venom soup!

Here I will vent my frustrations, voice my opinions on team situations, and beg for success for the team as a whole. Most of all this is a place for YOU to have a voice for your emotions too. We may often disagree but we will agree to disagree because we both mean well for the Chargers.

This is not a "message board" and is not a pure "topic driven forum" either. It is simply to be a place where you can put in writing what you are feeling about anything to do with our San Diego Chargers and have it publised for the world to see.

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